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B>NEW YORK TIMES/b> b>BEST SELLER • Once in a great while, a book comes along that changes our view of the world. This magnificent novel from the Nobel laureate and author of Never Let Me Go is “an intriguing take on how artificial intelligence might play a role in our futures ... a poignant meditation on love and loneliness” (The Associated Press). b>b>• A/b> /b>GOOD MORNING AMERICA Book Club Pick!/b>br> br> “What stays with you in ‘Klara and the Sun’ is the haunting narrative voice—a genuinely innocent, egoless perspective on the strange behavior of humans obsessed and wounded by power, status and fear.” —Booker Prize committeeb>br> /b>br> Here is the story of Klara, an Artificial Friend with outstanding observational qualities, who, from her place in the store, watches carefully the behavior of those who come in to browse, and of those who pass on the street outside. She remains hopeful that a customer will soon choose her. Klara and the Sun is a thrilling book that offers a look at our changing world through the eyes of an unforgettable narrator, and one that explores the fundamental question: what does it mean to love?

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    Kazuo Ishiguro

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    Vintage Usa

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    17 cm

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    11 cm

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    2 cm

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Kazuo Ishiguro

Kazuo Ishiguro, né à Nagasaki en 1954, est arrivé en Grande-Bretagne à l'âge de cinq ans.
Décrit par le New York Times comme « un génie original et remarquable », il est l'auteur de
sept romans dont Les vestiges du jour (Booker Prize 1989) et Auprès de moi toujours. Tous ses
ouvrages sont traduits dans plus de quarante langues. En 1998, la France l'a fait chevalier de
l'ordre des Arts et des Lettres. Après les adaptations des Vestiges du jour et d'Auprès de moi
toujours, les droits cinématographiques du Géant enfoui ont été vendus à Hollywood. Kazuo
Ishiguro vit à Londres avec son épouse.