Anglais The obamians ; the struggle inside the White House to redefine american power (édition en anglais)

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"Following up on his book on President Bush's foreign policy advisers, James Mann provides an equally insightful look at the team around President Obama, including the bright young advisers who have remained little known. His book shows how carefully calibrated the administration's policy has been and the key role that Obama has played himself." - Walter Isaacson, author of Steve Jobs.
"James Mann has pioneered a new and immensely readable genre: an in-depth group portrait of foreign-policy advisers whose backgrounds and interactions help explain the worldview and policies of the president they serve. He did that superbly in "Rise of the Vumcans" about George W. Bush's inner circle, and he's done it again with The Obamians." - Strobe Talbott, president, The Brookings Institution.
"James Mann gives us valuable insight into the crafting of American foreign policy in President Obama's administration. He takes us behind the scenes and into the room where decisions are made on some of the most critical issues of ou time." - Nancy Pelosi.
"James Mann is unique among writers on contemporary Amrican foreign policy. He combines a reporter's eye for detail and ancedote with a scholar's grasp of the broad sweep of historical events. Essential reading for who want to understand the successes and failures of the current administration's approach to the world." - Aaron Friedberg, professor of politics and international affairs, Woodrow Wilson School.

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